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Drug charges often lead to harsh penalties, even for first-time offenders. You could be facing penalties such as a fine, probation, loss of license and even jail and prison time. If you have been arrested anywhere across Morris or Bergen counties, our Passaic County drug crime attorney can help you. We can discuss your defense options and whether you qualify for diversion programs that can help you avoid a criminal record.

Attorney Pine is proficient at defending against charges involving a wide range of drugs, including:

  • Marijuana
  • LSD
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Ecstasy
  • Methamphetamine
  • Prescription pills

Discuss your drug arrest in a free case evaluation, call us at (973) 828-0711.

A former prosecutor, our firm's attorney has a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system, including the courts, the key players, and how crimes are prosecuted. He brings his deep insight and decades of experience to each case. As a regular in the courtroom, attorney Pine is ready to take any case to trial if necessary.

Know Your Rights in a Drug Arrest

Law enforcement officials are often overzealous when it comes to drug crime investigations and arrests. In fact, mistakes are often made by police officers, especially when it comes to search and seizure rights of a defendant. All individuals have rights, and as your defense attorney, David L. Pine is passionate about protecting them.

We can investigate whether your rights were violated in your drug crime case:

  • Did police officers have probably cause or a warrant to search you?
  • Were you illegally stopped while driving, if drugs were found in your car?
  • Were you a victim of entrapment?


Q: Will I be able to get a job after comitting a drug crime?

A: Depending on the desired job, having a record with illeagal drugs can affect potential employment drastically as many employers run backgroud checks, ask about previous crimes on applications and may be weary to hire someone with crime on their record. In additon, having a permanent record of drugs may also affect your ability to buy or rent homes, be approved for car loans, etc. requiring background checks.

Q: If I am caught with drugs, will it be on my permanent record?

A: Although it is common for drug crimes to be added to your peremanent record, you may be able to file for expungement to prevent this.

Explore Your Defenses During a FREE Initial Consultation

No matter how complex or hopeless your case may seem, David L. Pine, LLC works hard to deliver creative yet effective defenses. He is known for being assertive and hard-hitting when it comes to seeking reduced penalties, pursuing dismissals, and fighting for not guilty verdicts in a trial. Learn how we can help you when you contact us today. Our Passaic County criminal defense lawyers can explore your possible defenses and discuss how to move forward in the best possible manner.

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