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What are the possible violations of probation?

If you are placed on probation, there will be terms and conditions placed on you.  If you willfully fail to comply with these conditions, you will be violated by the probation department.  Those conditions include:

  • payment of fines and restitution to the court;
  • perform community service;
  • report regularly to your probation officer;
  • home visits from their probation officer;
  • stay sober and take drug tests;
  • undergo counseling for substance abuse or mental health issues; and/or
  • Participants are to obtain employment or enroll in school.

Violations of Probation

The probation officer will use sanctions and incentives to encourage compliance with the terms of the sentence and the conditions of probation. If you do not comply, the probation officer will file a violation of probation (VOP). If a VOP is filed, your probation could be revoked and you could go to jail.

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